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Higher Mathematics is an important public basic course, the main contents include: The Derivative plot science, multi-function calculus, space analytic geometry, infinite series, ordinary differential equations, and so on.
    Learning this course, students master the basic concepts of higher mathematics, theory and methods, improve the ability of logical reasoning, spatial imagination, abstract thinking and numeracy skills and lay the necessary mathematical foundation for learning subsequent courses.
    Shenyang Jianzhu University is a comprehensive multidisciplinary university with civil engineering and construction specialty as features, engineering, literature, management, science, law, etc to form a comprehensive university. According to the requirements of the various disciplines (professional) we develop the curriculum and teaching calendar. Based on professional, higher mathematics course is divided into five levels:
    Higher Mathematics 1:176 teaching hours, suitable for School of Civil Engineering, School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering, School of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Traffic and Mechanical Engineering, School of Information and Control Engineering professional;

    Higher Mathematics 2:128 teaching hours, suitable for the professional School of Management;
    Higher of Mathematics 3: 96 teaching hours, suitable for professional of Ecology;
    Higher Mathematics 4:64 teaching hours, suitable for architecture, landscape, urban planning and other professional;
    Higher mathematical 5: 64 teaching hours,  suitable for the law professional, industrial design and other liberal arts majors.
    For the same professional students, we practice elective system for higher mathematics: divide into A, B two levels of teaching, class A lecture teachers are generally served by the senior professional titles or an experienced young teachers, the students of the class A are merited through unified diagnostic tests. We have obtained a wealth of teaching experience through the different modes offered by the high school mathematics curriculum.
    At present, in higher mathematics teaching, we apply the concept of modern education, the combination of traditional and multimedia teaching, network answering system and other modern teaching methods, through the use of computer technology, especially network technology to disseminate more effective mathematical knowledge. Students can solve learning problems in a timely manner through the network answering system. Modern teaching methods change the traditional model of higher mathematics courses and improve the students' interest in learning higher mathematics.