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Mechanics is earliest disciplines with the development of natural sciences, made ​​a significant contribution in the development of mankind. Before the 20th century, the steam engine, internal combustion engines, railways, bridges, ships, weapons that promote modern science and technology and social progress are accumulation knowledge of mechanical. The 20th century, many high-tech, such as high-rise buildings, long span suspension bridges, offshore platforms, precision instruments, aerospace, robotics, high-speed trains, and large-scale water conservancy and many other important works is under the guidance of the Engineering Mechanics. With the development of computer science, mechanical application has a broader space.
    Mechanics of materials is a branch of mechanics. It has wide range of practical, and is an important foundation for in-depth study of the branch of mechanics. Mechanics of materials is an important professional course of civil engineering, mechanical engineering. The construction progress and development of Mechanics of Materials course has great significance on the cultivation of innovative talents of high quality.