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"Linear Algebra" course is an important compulsory basic course for engineering Undergraduates and has a wide range of important applications in modern mathematics and engineering.
    Shenyang Jianzhu University College of Science, formerly known as basic department of   Shenyang Architecture and Civil Engineering, linear algebra course has become a required course for all majors of the university since Shenyang Architecture and Civil Engineering establishment, 2001 linear algebra course (in addition to equipment, water professional) opened in the fourth semester, after 2001, all professional linear algebra courses opened in the third semester. In 2000, the course was named Shenyang Architecture and Civil Engineering A level courses.
    In the process of move into the new campus and the process of multi-disciplinary, multi-objective and multi-level, linear algebra course has a considerable development and plays an important role in cultivating the ability to innovate and thick foundation. Now we teach both countries students、province students as well as City students. Teaching hours are 32 hours and  64 hours. We teach for all school professional (in addition to foreign languages, art, Faculty of Science) 2500 student. "Linear Algebra" course was named school excellent course in 2004.