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    The School of Science of Shenyang Jianzhu University, founded in April 2004, is the secondary college that our University constructed in order to adapt to the needs of subject diversity. It was formerly the basic science department providing natural sciences and other basic subjects. There are 72 teachers, including 10 professors, 9 master tutors and more than 20 associate professors. Among them, more than 10 people have doctorates.  The School of science is now composed of five departments: Department of Mathematics, Department of Mechanics, Department of Physics, Department of Drawing, and Physics Laboratory.
    Information and Computation Science undergraduate enrollment in the year of 2004.
    Dedicated to providing the best education, we are adhering to the "rigorous scholarship, the pursuit of excellence" philosophy. After moving into the new campus, we tried our best to keep pace with the rapid school development. Inheritance, development, change and innovation are our core values. We see the level of the undergraduate teaching as an opportunity in order to reform education system and to achieve more efficient teaching management. We are dedicated to taking various active and effective measures to carry out scientific orientation, standardized management in order to ensure the quality of our education.
    The guiding ideologies of the School of Science are: 
    We pursue the idea of quality education guiding the work of undergraduate teaching. We use the methods of teaching and research to promote and enhance teachers' teaching level. We conduct the school administration adhering to the principles of democracy in accordance with the law. We see the improvement of the quality of teaching as the eternal theme of the school management. We are also aware of the construction of efficient teaching staff is the key of college development. Our central task is to create talent and well-rounded students who can fit into the various needs of society.
    The ideas of development of the School of Science:
    We use the high-quality education to meet different levels of teaching requirements. We are able to adapt to the overall school discipline construction based on the development needs of the basic disciplines. We are determined to construct our program in order to impulse the local economic development and the construction industry development. “Cooperation, penetration, application” are our starting point. We are dedicated to forming a group of application-oriented talents, and laying a good foundation for the students’ self-development.