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Career planning seminars was held by school of Science.
2013-05-14 21:29   审核人:   (浏览量:)

In order to make the students choose their own future in the right direction to increase the weight in the fierce competition for jobs in the future, the morning of May 17, 09,10-level students of the Faculty of Science in the Ding1-507 classroom to participate in the career planning seminars organized by Chinasoft International Group personnel department .
      The theme of the lecture is "on the road". Speaker explained how to choose the direction of employment, candidates skills and interview details of a series of issues. Speaker humorous words of wisdom, won the bursts of applause. During the lecture, the students also made their own puzzling problem, we actively discussed, and the atmosphere is warm, we song the last song "on the road" to the end of the lecture. (Student Reporter Xucai Hong)


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